At Avalon Beach House Pre School we accept enrolments throughout the year, assuming there are vacancies. As we are licensed for only 28 children a day, vacancies fill quickly. When a vacancy does become available, it is offered to families on our waiting list before being made available to the wider public. Please note that we do not charge a fee to be put on or kept on our waitlist. If you would like to fill in a wait list application, click here.

We strongly recommend that all families, both current and future, read and keep handy a copy of the Avalon Beach House Preschool Parent Handbook.  Our program plan may be download here.

Download Enrolment Form
Download Parent Handbook

Before you can enrol your child at Avalon Beach House Pre School, we recommend you come in to visit the centre and the staff to ensure it is the right environment and atmosphere for your child and your family. We recognise how important it is for families to feel 100% comfortable with the child care option they select for their family and go to great lengths to accomodate the preferences and routines of each individual child and their family. We have an open door policy, and encourage parents, carers and children to visit us at a time convenient to them. Alternatively, you can call or email us to arrange a specific time for a tour. Once you are confident that ABHPS is the perfect place for your child, you can enrol.

When you are ready to complete the enrolment process, we will need the following:

  • a completed and signed enrolment form
  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate. We can accept copies that have been certified by a Justice of the Peace, or you can bring in the original for us to sight and photocopy
  • a copy of your child’s immunisation history statement, your child’s blue book is not accepted as proof of immunisation history.
  • $120 administration fee. This covers the cost of the performances and incursions we book throughout the year such as jumping castles, reptile demonstration, cultural performers, discos, etc.
  • Refundable bond. The cost of this varies depending on how many days your child will attend per week.

Below is a list of things your child will need when he or she is at Avalon Beach House Pre School:

  • A suitably sized bag
  • One set of sheets for rest/nap time. The minimum needed is one fitted cot sheet and one flat cot sheet. If your child has a blanket, comforter or dummy, we ask you bring these too. These items must be stored in a separate labelled bag NOT your child’s kindy bag. Pillow and doona deleted
  • Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. These can be any healthy foods your child enjoys at home. Our kitchen is equipped with a microwave, so please feel free to bring foods such as rice, spaghetti, etc as we are happy to reheat it for your child. If your child needs a bottle of milk at rest time, please bring one and place it in the main part of the refrigerator (not the door).
  • Please note we are a nut-aware centre, so products such as trail mix (with nuts), peanut butter, nutella etc can not be brought into the centre.
    Nappies. If your child is still wearing nappies, we require you to provide a minimum of 4 nappies a day. If your child only uses a nappy for rest time, please ensure you send one each day.
  • Spare clothes. How many spare clothes you bring will depend on how old your child is, whether he/she is toilet training, etc. For toilet training we recommend lots of spare undies, pants (long and short), socks and one pair of spare shoes. Older children will need to bring a spare shirt and a spare pair of pants in case of water-trough-related soakings. Please also ensure your child brings a warm jumper or cardigan to preschool each day, especially in the cooler months.
  • A hat. Our centre has SunSafe accreditation from the Cancer Council and we strictly enforce our sun-safe policy. If your child does not bring a hat to Preschool, he or she will have to play in the shade and therefore will not be able to make full use of all the activities on offer. Wide-brim or legionnaire style hats (a cap with a flap covering the back of the neck) are recommended by the Cancer Council

We are focused on providing you and your child with a happy and positive start to their time at Avalon Beach House Preschool; therefore, our orientation and settling in processes vary depending on the needs of your child and your family. We like to tailor an orientation and settling in process in conjunction with you – this can be discussed when you visit the centre, or by calling or emailing us.

We recognise the individual needs of each child and family and are proud of our flexible approach to orientation and settling in, as well as our individualised ongoing care and education of each child.