avalon beach house

pre school

A long daycare centre in the heart of Avalon Beach


Our small team of dedicated staff continually strive to provide a care and education program tailored to suit the desires and needs of each child and family.

Avalon Beach House Preschool is a Early Childhood Education and Care centre, focused on providing meaningful high-quality education and care to children aged 18 months – 5 years.  Our custom-designed centre is tucked away in the heart of the Avalon village on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Children don't say “I had a hard day can we talk?” They say, “Will you come and play with me?”

Our Services

Nurturing Environment

Each child's emotional wellbeing is our top priority. We want each child at ABHPS to feel loved, important, valued and understood. Social-emotional learning is further explored through our 'You Can Do It' Program.

School Readiness Program

We pride ourselves on our in-depth school readiness program. Children leave the centre with a fundamental understanding and comprehension of literacy and numeracy.

Play Based Learning

Play based learning allows children to discover their own interests, abilities and limitations. Our daily routine and weekly programming evolves from the children's ideas, skill sets and developmental needs.


Whether you’re curious about enrolment, a centre tour, or even our daily schedule, we’re here to answer any questions.